wishes to make it clear to all of our posters what our policy in going forward regarding threads created to discuss any financial transactions between you and any Offshore Sportsbook.

The subject is a very sensitive one these days as Offshore Books strive to establish lasting and efficient relationships with reliable financial institutions. Their goal is to service you the player in the most prompt and least complicated means possible.

In order to maintain a positive and long lasting type of relationship with any reliable financial service - offshore books require as much confidentiality as possible.

The in order to assist both our sponsors and our posters equally fair will need to be especially selective regarding what subject matter we allow to be posted on our website when it involves financial dealings between players and offshore books.

Should a thread of yours or one you are interested in be moved off any of our forums please do not take it personal, the reason will be one that was well thought out by our Mod team and the thread starter contacted by either myself or another Rx moderator with an explanation.

The last thing we want to do is censor discussion but we also have an obligation to protect both our sponsors and our posters when it comes to how both parties handle the vital to the industry transfer of funds.

Please be extremely careful when posting anything regarding your deposit and withdrawal methods with any Offshore Book on this or any other forum.

This is a serious matter that The Rx Mod Team has no choice but to do it's best in our part in keeping the lifeblood of this industry flowing. Your understanding is not only appreciated but absolutely required by this site and it's sponsors to maintain the ability to keep you the player confident that your funds are safe and will be available when you require a withdrawal..

Without your cooperation the job of establishing that confidence becomes impossible and eventually we will lose solid long time sponsors who will not advertise anywhere that doesn't maintain their confidential and hard earned means of servicing your needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this rather lengthy post.

PS: All Rx posters please feel free to email me privately if you have a question or need help regarding the transfer of funds between yourself the player and any of our Sponsor books at or I will be glad to assist you privately with no obligation of any kind on your part..
Or You can Contact the Book Direct to get your Answers.