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Thread: Tracker Forum Rules - Please Follow

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    Rules and Regulations:

    #1. You must have 300 posts to be eligible.

    #2. You must give a unit value on all selections, please use unit systems of 1 thru 5 units per pick with 5 being the highest (naturally.)

    #3. You must grade your picks and post your updated record after each day before posting your next picks -Note - no one has to pick everyday. (If you choose not to post a pick on any given day no action is required in you're thread.)Please post your profit/loss in dollars not units after grading and posting your YTD (year to date) record. When you grade a pick please include juice - plus or minus - in your year to date record. For the sake of the Tracker Thread all units will be $100 (not counting juice.)

    #4. The tracking folder is strictly for posting picks, nothing else. Only the capper may post in his or her personal thread for each sport.

    #5. You must use WIDELY AVAILABLE lines at the time of posting. No locals will be accepted as line sources. Any line used must be displayed on Rx. live lines by at least one live lines book or top tier book at the time the pick is posted. Please post at least one book from Rx. Live Lines or other top tier book as the source of you're line with each pick. Please post your selections in time for followers to have a chance to play them which is one of the main reasons for this forum.

    #6. For each sport you must use a separate thread; NBA, MLB, College Hoops, etc. You will use the same thread each and every day by sport, so it will be easy to find and easily checked for any errors.

    #7. Any capper posting picks in the (so-called) Global sports like tennis, soccer, golf, auto racing, etc. can combine them in a single Global sports thread. Only the major sports need to have their own separate threads for each capper. A season for any given sport runs from pre-season to the end of post-season and should and will always be considered as one single record.

    #8. There will be no editing; if something needs to be edited please ask a moderator. Post your changes in the “Please Edit Thread” with an explanation of what you need edited and why. A mod will take care of it as soon as possible.

    #9. You will be required to keep an honest record with updates that will be monitored by Mods and fellow posters, anyone who is suspected of padding their record or does not follow the guidelines set forth will be asked to leave the record tracking folder. The entire moderating staff, not any single moderator, will make rulings.

    #10. Please remember this forum is solely to keep track of picks, year to date records, and plus or minus profits by cappers in each individual sport. The Rx. wishes to keep all dialogue such as write-ups, discussions, criticisms, congratulations etc. in the sport forums. Only the original poster may post in his thread (Mods may edit or comment when appropriate.) Save congratulations or other comments for the sport forums.

    Betallsports NCAA Basketball Capping Thread
    (Please denote what sport you are picking from in thread topic.)

    YTD: 2-2-0 +$80

    Date of Game:

    Duke -4 (-110) 220/200 (5dimes)
    Uconn –8.5 (-110) 110/100 (Pinnacle)

    Please use normal font size in all posts.

    The poster's name date and time of post - plus post count will be automatically included in each post by the website software.

    Please report rules violators by using the report a post icon at the bottom left of all post boxes. They are simple to fill out and require only a few seconds to complete. If you think a capper is using bad lines, or cheating on his record report him but do not post in his thread. Remember the triangular report a post icon at the bottom left of all post boxes. Click on it and type for example bad or not widely available lines and a moderator will investigate ASAP.

    RX mod Team:

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    Plays that are acceptable:

    • Full game Spread
    • Full game Totals
    • Full game Money line
    • First Half Spread
    • First Half Total
    • First half Money line
    • Parlays, But only up to 6 teams
    • Teasers, But only 2 and 3 teams

    Absolutely no :

    • 2nd half plays.
    • Props of any kind.
    • Teasers that are more than 3 teams.
    • Parlays that are more than 6 teams.
    • Pleasers, Reverses or other Exotics.
    • Open Teasers or Parlays.
    • Futures.

    Upgrading & Downgrading:

    • When upgrading a play where the line has changed, I will grade both plays as one, but will use the new line posted when grading the play. So if you post Siena -4 for 2 units and decide to upgrade with Siena -3 for an additional unit, I will treat it as one play on Siena -3 for 3 units. Similarly, if just the odds change, I will grade the total units on the play using the most recent odds. For example, a poster has Boston -145 (1 unit) and later wants to add a unit but the odds are -135, the play will become Boston -135 (2 units).
    • When upgrading where the line has not changed, just add the units. Graded as one play.
    • On the flip side, if you're looking to downgrade a play, a new play must be posted as a hedge (or opposite side) of the original. Graded as 2 separate plays. Just trying to keep the poster and myself on the same page when posting results, whether it be W-L records or total profit/loss.
    • When posting parlays, include the odds for each leg. If there's a push I have no way of figuring the reduced odds.
    • If you have a comment for a poster, post it in the Discussion thread.. not in their thread. Everyone will see it there. Please stay out of any threads you did not start.


    We are willing to let it slide, within reason. But please make every effort possible to remember to post the book where you are getting your odds from! Especially if it is a good number or a type of play no one else seems to be able to find.

  3. #3 A 2nd reminder ...... Please use WA (Widely Available) numbers. 
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    Attention Handicappers - Please use WA (Widely Available) numbers.
    When you post a pick please use numbers that are widely available at the time of you're post. WA or widely available lines make it easy for everyone to use the play. I have received several E-mails asking me to make an announcement.

    Remember this is not a popularity contest but a handicapping forum - lets make it as easy as possible for everyone to participate. If you use free half point outs simply state so.
    Laying -6 at 7AM yourself then posting that same pick at the same -6 when it is up to -7 or 7.5 by 4PM when you get a chance to post helps no one. There is no -6 to be had and -7 or -7.5 is a long way off -6.

    The same goes for baseball posting a favorite at -125 when you played it the night before and saying it is a play when the game is now -145 the next afternoon when you post does little good for anyone. Remember post the number that is widely available for all at the time of you're post.

    Thanks, Mod Team..

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