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Thread: Post links to any threads you want to be judged as Classic in this thread.

  1. #1 Post links to any threads you want to be judged as Classic in this thread. 
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    Anyone who has a thread in mind that they feel should be moved here can have it looked at by a moderator and see if it qualifies. Please post the URL of the thread you want moved in this thread and we will look at it ASAP.

    To be judged "Classic" and therefore moved if nominated a thread must be at least 6 months old from the date of it's most recent post (the last post of the thread) and not be posted in Site Promotions (sorry not moving threads from that forum unless they are Double Classic, ask a mod by email for special consideration). Moderators will evaluate recommended potential classics before they are allowed to be moved to the new forum, in other words no "what tastes better - peanut butter or jelly" threads will make the grade. Interforum drama threads will not be considered classic. Threads that seriously criticise sportsbooks profanely or unfairly will also not be deemed classic.

    If I don't notice a response post to a nomination here after a couple of days please send myself or Hacheman an email to remind me to check the Classic Thread Forum at, and
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    this one might be about 4 months too early, but soon as its eligible..... it gets my vote for 1st ballot HOFer
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    this is a very good and informative thread that could be considered
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