Important - anyone on post review please read..

Post Review is when you make a post but you get a message that a moderator has to review the post first before it can be posted in it's intended forum.

I would like to take you off post review and allow you to post freely here in on The Posting Forum without having to wait for a moderator to review every post you make.

The reason you are on is probably something to do with the way you registered. In many cases it is you have a posting name already active coming from your IP. but there are other reasons such as needless cheap shots at other posters, our sponsors or our staff..

If The has you on post review and you would like to get off please email me at or and include your Rx poster name in the email. Please title the email Rx Post Review Removal so I will be able to identify the email and not treat it like spam.

I may have to ask you a question or two but ultimately I want to free up posters restricted by post review. There are no guarantees but a brief email is the best way to get off post review..

Thank you