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Thread: On post review ?? - find out how easy it is to get off Post Review in this thread.

  1. #1 On post review ?? - find out how easy it is to get off Post Review in this thread. 
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    Selection Services or indvidual touts.

    If The has you on post review and you would like to get off please email at or

    Title the email "Site Promotions Post Review" Please include your EXACT user name (spaces, under slashes, everything in the user name or I won't be able to find it in the data base). Then simply ask me to remove you from post review and agree to not post anywhere except The Site Promotions Forums of The and you understand that breaking that agreement will result in you being banned from the site.


    Posters that are tracking various services or individual private touts, I am not going to tolerate any of you posting in any service's or private tout's promotional thread. You are free to track a service or tout but do it in your own threads.

    To Sports Selection Services I will ask you to give me your word that you will not post in any of our moderated forums for any reasons. That is mainly because many of your posting handles are promotions themselves. If you sell picks you cannot post in the sport forums.

    Anyone on Post Review - I would like to take you off post review and allow you to post freely here in this forum without having to wait for a moderator to review every post you make.

    Services and touts

    Even if you feel that a tracker is wrong or deliberately posting an inaccurate record about your service or plays stay out of their tracker threads. Report the thread but do not enter a trackers thread. See below on how to report a dispute with a tracker.

    The maximum amount of threads you may bump every 6 hours is 5 threads. Certain people have been spamming this forum by posting a dozen or more threads at a time and then bumping them all at once dominating the entire first page.


    Anyone who feels they have been lied about, slandered, abused or mis tracked etc. can simply contact me at the email addresses posted above and explain the alleged policy infraction. I will then rely on each party to prove the disputed accusations was in their favor and rule on the matter after reading the proof given by both sides (lack of a response will result in the other party winning the dispute). Posters that lose a dispute will be given their one warning, losing a second dispute will result in banning from The Site Promotions Forum.

    I am not going to rule on past cases where old information is brought up by trackers especially but also by services or touts. Do not ask me to look back to previous months and take action, what is done is done.

    All trackers need to be 100% accurate, if it is proven to me that you are not tracking a service accurately on purpose you will only get one warning and one chance to correct your tracking numbers. Any further inaccuracies or apparently delibrate attempts to post inaccurate records for any service or tout than that and you will be considered agenda driven and will be banned from Site Promotions.

    Also it is imperative the Trackers ONLY track plays posted here at The I do not care what services, touts or cappers post elsewhere, I only care what they post at the and no place else. This is a very important policy change that trackers need to understand. Do not drag plays from other websites, TV shows, radio shows, newsletters, 900 numbers etc into your tracking here at The

    Trackers that do catch services or touts fudging their records can post about it in their own threads to inform readers on the matter but make sure you are right before you make accusations.

    I am not going to go thru a lot of bickering, name calling, threat making or profanity here in Site Promotions, so be warned that The will not tolerate any of the above. Services promote your sites and businesses, trackers use the site to fairly track the services you care to but stay honest and civil and there should be no problems.

    Abusers of these guidelines will be warned once only.

    You can also report violations by using the "Report A Post" icon at the bottom left of all post boxes - the icon is triangular in shape with a red border.

    All services, touts, trackers and common posters are entitled to their own threads, so please stay out of those threads if you have a problem with a particular tracker, service, tout or poster. Any comments can be stated in a separate thread titled something like

    "Comments on So and So"..

    You can also contact any Rx. moderator to report violations:

    PS. Notice to affiliates (or agents) who want to use this forum to obtain players for their own personal sheets. The Rx. does not allow affiliates from any of our own sponsor books to use this forum to attract sign ups. We reserve the right to allow new players to sign up at our sponsor books thru our own banners. Violators will be banned on sight.

    Thank you

  2. #2 Attention to all posters who are also professional handicappers that sell their picks. 
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    96,768 policy dictates that professional handicappers (aka Touts) who sell their picks on the Internet, by telephone or any other media outlet are not allowed to post anywhere on The except The SITE PROMOTION Forum..Violators will be placed on Post Review or have their viewing privileges blocked from all forums except The SITE PROMOTION Forum.

    There are cases where I will allow long time posters who for one reason or another decide to sell picks to have access to certain forums based on their promise to never mention their pick selling business in anyway shape or form.

    Statements by any pro capper that I allow access to other forums will only have one chance to abide by this rule, once a rule has been broken the privilege will be revoked. Posters who sell picks and are allowed limited use of other forums are going to have to pass a stringent criteria before they are allowed this privilege. One is they must have a long and loyal history as a solid non trouble making poster before I will even start to consider their requests.

    Any "Tout" (I use the term in a good sense) who thinks they might qualify should email at or and ask to be able to post in whatever forums they are interested in and be willing to give me their word that they will abide by the specifications required to be both a tout and a poster.

    Large services who use their business name as their poster name need not apply as the name itself is a promotion. Former posters known for causing trouble who turn out to also be touts need not apply.

    Thank you

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