im sure everyone thinks its a horrible idea. go to and read stephen A smiths article on it. he calls its a joke. Stephen A Smith should just stick to basketball because IMO this move was the right one. As a jets fan who watched every game im well aware of the offensive struggles and ill get to that later. but for now lets look at what Sanchez did

Looking into Sanchez's stats the first 3 years shows progression each year...

his completion percentage went up(53.8, 54.8, 56.7)

his yards went up (2,444; 3291; 3473)

his tds went up (12, 17, 26)

his rating went up(63.0, 75.3, 78.2)

so to say hes regressing instead of developing (as stephen a smith claims) is just untrue and i wonder if he even bothered to check the stats before he wrote his article...

anyway on to the rest of the offense. The offensive line played horrible last year. they were 20th in the league in sacks against (with 40) as opposed to 9th in 2010 (with 28). If you watched the jets play you were aware of just how bad the O-line was playing. no push up front for the run and pretty horrible run blocking too. one of our bigger problems was our RG Wayne Hunter. he needs to be replaced in the draft plain and simple. we had 3 pro bowlers last season on our O-line and it needs to show.

on to the running game...Shonne Greene didnt show he can be the RB we need when he was given his opportunity last season. what he did manage to show is his inability to make big gains, contribute in the passing game, or be a #1 RB. i truly believe if LT was given the ball as many times as Greene he would of rushed for well over 1000 yards instead of just barely surpassing it. As a #1 RB 1,000 yards isnt that impressive anymore plai nand simple. Joe mcknight is someone who needs to get alot more playing time. he has explosiveness and big play potential. i truly dont think eithers the answer and would love to see Peyton Hillis or Benjarvis to be signed but i dont think itll happen. Drafting Trent at 16 is a no brainer if he drops that far but again doubt it...

Plaxico isnt the answer. he still has the ability to be a red zone threat and make some great grabs that not many other WRs could but with that being said he lost a step....maybe two...watching the jets it felt like every single time he got seperation it was called back for offensive pass interference and on the replay youd watch Plax push off to get that step. If sanchez is supposed to be effective he needs a deep threat target.

Now time for the BIGGEST PROBLEM the jets had on offense last year...BRIAN SCHOTTENHEIMER...jesus christ was he horrible. a very predictable offense with absolutely nothing built around Sanchez. Take a lesson from SF and build your scheme around your QB. Its such a simple thing i really dont get why its so hard. Sanchez plays very well off play action, bootlegs, and getting outside the pocket. our offense needs to show some of these things. also we didnt dial up deep plays more then maybe once a game if that. defenses could stack the box against us and not have to worry about gettin beat deep. you need to take 3-4 shots downfield a game just to keep the defense honest and it never happened. my favorite was how often on first down wed have a incompletion, run for 2 yards out of some basic run formation, then have 3rd and long. it happened so many times and if you watched the jets game you got as frustrated as i did. getting rid of him was the best thing the jets could do for there offense all off-season. im truly happy hes gone and expect to see a much better and creative offense tailered to Sanchez's strength next year.

The other part of this is the actual contract the artcile below and realize tha contract really isnt a big upgrade

for those of you too lazy to read it(most?) sanchez will recieve the same amount this year most of it in a signing bonus saving us 6.4 mil on the cap this year. essentially hes only getting a raise of 2.75 mil with the rest not guarenteed. so basically if he pans out we made a great choice and if not we can cut ties without really paying more. one of the incentives is if sanchez leads the jets to 4 superbowl titles in the next 5 seasons hell get 10 million...really....we havent won one in 43 years let alone 4 in 5 lol