Knock yourselves out having fun. Same RX rules apply in spades in The Political Forum, no death threats or wishes, no racial insults by posters, no porn, violators will get 6 month vacations. Also very very very low class videos will be deleted and the poster given a month off. Moderators will make the call.


Everyone should also know that there is no regular moderator here in The Political Satire Forum -( I'm NOT a Political Guy at All ) I do my best to look in occasionally. so if you feel another poster has crossed the line in someway especially against you personally then you have to report the post in question.
Do not report posts unless they effect you personally. I am tired of posters not involved in a feud between other posters reporting the one who they disagree with and leaving the other contestant out of the report despite the fact he is just as guilty of one thing or another of the reported poster.

To report a post....................

Use the triangular icon bottom left hand corner of all post boxes. Just click on it and type profane post, obscene post etc. and click on send report - that's it, very easy. In either case a moderator will look at the reported post and take action if action is deemed necessary. Mods won't take action unless the complaint really calls for it.

Reported posts will be judged on fairness as I have seen politics actually creep it's way into the report a posts in the form of favoritism by the third party report a poster.