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Thread: Should the Joe Paterno Statue Come Down in Happy Valley?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StevieRay View Post
    Here's 1st-ever interview with FIS agent @JRSnedden whose report on Graham Spanier should've ended "PSU C-up" myth!!

    The only cover up was this investigation!

    EXCLUSIVE: Federal Report on Former Penn State President Concluded There Was No Cover-up

    by John Ziegler | 7:53 am, March 13th, 2017

    Next week, almost exactly six years after the “Jerry Sandusky Scandal” broke publicly with a grand jury leak to a local newspaper, three former Penn State administrators will finally go on trial for charges related to an alleged cover-up of child sex abuse. To a very large extent, all three, Graham Spanier, Tim Curley, and Gary Schultz, have already been convicted by the news media and the eagerness of some at Penn State University to save their own personal hides by taking blame for things that there is no evidence or logic indicating they ever happened.
    Consequently, I believe (as do several others extremely close to the defense team) that there is a very good chance that they will be unfairly convicted. As was proven by the utterly nonsensical verdict in the civil trial of Mike McQueary (the former Penn State assistant football coach who finally claimed, ten years after the event happened, with the incorrect date/month/year, that he witnessed Sandusky sexually abusing a boy in a Penn State shower), the jury pool in Pennsylvania is just too polluted on this topic for justice to easily prevail.
    While I have no connection to Penn State, for most of the past six years I have made the biggest mistake of my entire life/career and have investigated the whole case more thoroughly and objectively than anyone else of which I am aware. Among many things, I am the only person to extensively interview Sandusky himself on the record (for about six hours in prison, on two different occasions) and the only media person I know of who radically changed their mind about what really happened here, AGAINST their own self-interest.
    I am absolutely positive that these Penn State administrators, all of whom had sterling reputations before the scandal broke and everyone’s incentives suddenly dramatically flipped, are totally innocent. In short, I see them as the guys who were responsible for the safety the Loch Ness in Scotland and are now charged with letting the Loch Ness Monster roam free. However, political factors and fear of the news media won’t allow them to even argue that there was never even any Loch Ness Monster to begin with (I am also quite confident, based on extensive direct and indirect communication with them, that all three agree that there was no “monster,” as do many other prominent people closely connected to the case).
    There are many very good reasons that the case against these three is baseless. Foremost among them is that McQueary was never even remotely treated as the only witness in a cover-up would have been, and he never claimed to be part of one in his lawsuit against Penn State. Also, since Sandusky was already retired when that episode occurred, no one has ever explained what the even theoretical motive of this cover-up was. It is also important to point out that the only “evidence” of this “cover-up” comes in the form of a few very vague (and I believe grossly misunderstood) emails from their state-owned school addresses. Who the heck runs a child sex abuse cover-up exclusively by using a state-owned email server?!
    But the biggest hole in the virtually non-existent prosecution case is that there is not even a trickle of evidence where at this point when, after all these years and investigations, there should be a flood. There is no better proof of that then the full report which the federal government did on this situation, which I obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, and am releasing here, exclusively, for the first time.
    When former Penn State president Graham Spanier was forced to resign just a couple of days after the explosive grand jury presentment in Sandusky’s case was leaked, he had a top secret security clearance with the federal government. It wasn’t just any security clearance either as he had an SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information) designation which is about as high as civilian can go.
    After the scandal broke, the federal government, understandably, immediately commenced an exhaustive six-month investigation into whether Spanier’s clearance should be terminated or renewed. The person charged with that task, FIS (Federal Investigative Services) special agent John Snedden interviewed nearly every key person in the case related to Penn State and found not a shred of evidence of any kind of cover-up, deception, or malfeasance. His report also unanimously recommended that Spanier’s clearance be renewed, which, without objection, it was.
    Outrageously, former FBI Director Louis Freeh was directly told of this “verdict” just before he completed his “Freeh Report” which concluded that Penn State had indeed engaged in a cover-up here. Despite him obviously having intimate knowledge of the significance of this FIS result, Freeh made no mention of it in his report, obviously because it completely contradicted the conclusion which he wanted to come to and for which he was paid many millions of dollars by those remaining at Penn State who desperately needed a reason for why they fired/killed football legend Joe Paterno.
    While the issue of Spanier’s security clearance has been reported on (but quickly forgotten) previously, here is the full report, which has never been made public:
    Spanier High Level Clearance FBI Report – Redacted by LawNewz on Scribd

    Here is the document proving that Spanier’s clearance was renewed on June 4th, 2012 (seen at the top of page two). The term “DISCO” refers to “Department of Defense/Defense Security Clearance/Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office”:
    Spanier Security Renewal by LawNewz on Scribd

    There are many extraordinary aspects of the report, though most will be lost on those who haven’t followed the case closely. Not only does Spanier get rave reviews from the two leaders of the Penn State board which fired him and the president who succeeded him, but he also does so from the now-former university counsel, Cynthia Baldwin, who would later mysteriously flip to being a prosecution witness, before being removed from the case entirely over attorney/client privilege issues.
    However, the most important element of the report comes from the fact that Spanier’s two co-defendants, Curley and Schultz, were also interviewed extensively and praised him profusely. At first glance, this might not mean much, but in a rational world this ends any legitimacy to the theory that there was a conspiracy to cover-up child sex abuse crimes.
    This is for several reasons. First, Curley and Schultz were also found to be highly credible by the FIS agent. Second, these are the only known interviews that either of them have ever given to anyone about this situation. Third, and most importantly, if there really was a conspiracy here, Curley and Schultz would NEVER have gone on the record with the federal government praising their former superior because it would have greatly curtailed their ability to throw him under the bus in the future in exchange for a plea bargain (the fact that none of the three have never even hinted at flipping on the other is further strong evidence that they are indeed innocent).
    I have spoken expansively with the FIS agent Snedden (who is now retired after a long career as a FIS and NCIS special agent), though he was not the source of these documents. He is as positive as I am that there was no cover-up here, and he shares my strong belief that the ENTIRE case is in dire need of revisiting by the media and law enforcement. He was scheduled to do his first interview on my weekly podcast this week, but he is now on the defense witness list and Spanier’s lawyers, stupidly/naively trusting the legal system, urged him at the last second to not to speak publicly until after the trial.
    My fear is that, as has happened so often in this case already, the full truth of this matter will only come out after innocent people have already been permanently damaged, and that no one will ever have the incentive to fix the harm caused by a false narrative in which almost everyone in power is now completely invested. That is why I have decided to release this information now.
    [image screen grab via ABC News]
    John Ziegler hosts a weekly podcast focusing on news media issues and is documentary filmmaker. You can follow him on Twitter at @ZigManFreud or email him at

    This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

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    No shit !

    "What if everything you thought you knew about the so-called Penn State sex abuse scandal wasn't true?"""
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    Fact 1
    Joe Paterno never covered up for Jerry Sandusky. From the State Prosecutors Office. Chief Deputy Attorney General Frank Fina, the man who led the Sandusky investigation, told 60 Minutes Sports Armen Keteyian he has examined all evidence and found no evidence that Joe Paterno participated in a cover up of any sort.
    Joe Paterno did put Mike McQueary in DIRECT touch with both AD Tim Curley, Joe Paterno’s direct supervisor, and Gary Schultz who had oversight of University Police Department. PSU Police Force is the real Police. The Penn State police force comprises 46 armed officers. According to state law, these have both the power and the duty "to prevent crime, investigate criminal acts … and carry the offender before the proper alderman, justice of the peace, magistrate or bail commissioner."

    Fact 2
    Joe Paterno never interfered with the justice system. Carmine W. Prestia Jr. I've lived and worked in State College for the past 41 years: 25 with the State College Police Department, one year of retirement, and 15 years as a magisterial district judge. Never once in my time as a police officer or judge has anyone in the football program asked me to cover up anything, withdraw a charge, or do something else unethical. I certainly saw a number of players get in trouble. Offenses ranged from simple summary offenses to felonies of the first degree.,988524/

    Fact 3
    When Mike called home MOMENTS after the 2001 incident Mike McQueary told his father TWICE he saw nothing more than Jerry Sandusky in a shower with a boy. Regardless of what Mike now "claims" hours, weeks, months, years later Mike witnessed no sexual act. After that phone call, everything he told/testified to others about what he saw that was not that he SAW NOTHING SEXUAL was manufactured in his head.
    John McQueary in his testimony began by recounting the phone call he received from his son moments after witnessing Sandusky and a child in the Lasch building shower room in 2001. His wife answered the phone and immediately handed him the phone, saying “It’s Mike. There’s something wrong.”
    I just saw something, I saw Coach Sandusky in the shower with a young boy,” John recalled his son saying.
    “I asked him if he had seen anal sex and I got more descriptive. ‘Did you see anything you could verify’ — penetration or maybe I used the word sodomy,” he said. According to his father, Mike McQueary responded, “No, I didn’t actually see that” John McQueary says he asked again, “So you didn’t witnesspenetration or ANYTHING ELSE you can verify?” His son AGAIN said NO.

    Fact 4
    The Grand Jury report incorrectly stated that Mike McQueary had witnessed a rape. See also fact #3. Joe Paterno was never told a report of a child was being raped. Mike McQueary has testified that he never witnessed Jerry Sandusky raping a boy in the shower, and didn’t tell anyone that he did. Because of the lack of evidence, Jerry was not convicted of a rape with regard to this 2001 incident. Also no victim testified in this incident. There has been no one who has come forward that has been found to be truthful that they were sexually assaulted in the shower that night in 2001. There has been a person who has come forward to say that he was there with Jerry that night and was not sexually assaulted. There were THREE not guilty verdicts in the Sandusky case and one of them was Count 7 --the incendiary allegation of a rape (IDSI) -- made by Mike McQueary regarding the 2001 incident.

    Fact 5
    Joe Paterno was praised by the Attorney General office for his correct handling of the Jerry Sandusky incident in 2001. Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno did the right thing and reported an eye-witness report of child sex abuse by Jerry Sandusky in the football locker room in 2001, according to the indictment released this morning by the state Attorney General.

    Fact 6
    Joe Paterno did not ask Mike McQueary to stay quiet on the 2001 incident. Mike said no one ever gave him instructions to not talk about it. Mike said Coach Paterno was great about the whole thing.

    Fact 7
    The Office for the Attorney General did not feel Joe Paterno’s reporting of Jerry Sandusky were cause to be fired. Paterno is accused of no wrongdoing, and in fact authorities have said he fulfilled his legal obligations by reporting to his superiors. Based on the Feb. 2, 2012 subpoena directed at PSU by the US DOJ, Paterno was not a target or even mentioned. Nor did any of the information requested pertain to Paterno.

    Fact 8
    Child Welfare agencies approved Jerry Sandusky to adopt 6 children. These were agencies that were educated and trained to spot people who were harmful to children. Jerry Sandusky also fostered dozens more children approved by these agencies. The agencies continued to place the children in Jerry Sandusky’s care over the years, and continued to allow Jerry Sandusky access to children at the 2nd Mile charity for at-risk youths.

    Fact 9
    The 2nd Mile Charity and youth agencies provided Jerry Sandusky access to trouble youths. The 2nd Mile gave one on one access to mentors and youth through The Friend and Friend Fitness programs, which pair up adults with children in the hope of fostering positive role model-mentor relationships. The Friend Fitness Program is a mentorship program involving college and elementary students who join together and participate in healthy, educational activities. The Friend Fitness program was available only in Centre County for adolescents.

    Fact 10
    Joe Paterno didn’t agree with giving 2nd Mile charity access to PSU facilities for 2nd Mile use in Jerry Sandusky retirement package due to insurance liability issues. Joe was overruled. In the Jerry Sandusky Penn State Retirement Package in 1998- Sandusky asked for access to training and workout facilities. Paterno put a check mark next to that request to deny that request. In a sidebar, Paterno asked if this was for Sandusky's personal use, or for Second Mile kids, and indicated that due to liability problems, facility access should not be extended to Second Mile kids. Paterno was overruled and Jerry Sandusky was granted access to bring Second Mile kids to workout facilities for the 2nd Mile Friends Fitness program.

    Fact 11
    Jerry Sandusky was retired from Penn State in 1999. He did not coach at Penn State after 1999 and wasn't coaching during the 2001 incident. For his retirement package he received Emeritus Status. The state was offering 30-year employees a handsome buyout, and Paterno believed Sandusky should take it. Paterno was frustrated that Sandusky spent so much time working on his youth foundation, The Second Mile, that he was not available to help in recruiting and other coaching duties. “He came to see me and we talked a little about his career,” Paterno said. “I said, you know, Jerry, you want to be head coach, you can’t do as much as you’re doing with the other operation. I said this job takes so much detail, and for you to think you can go off and get involved in fundraising and a lot of things like that.. . . I said you can’t do both, that’s basically what I told him.” Even Louis Freeh, could not find a connection to Jerry retiring (see the Freeh report beginning at page 55.)

    Fact 12
    Due to Jerry Sandusky Emeritus Status, Joe Paterno and Penn State could not remove Jerry Sandusky’s access to Penn State Facilities because he had not been convicted of a crime. Emeritus Status (entitles bearer to a lifetime office and lifetime access to campus) The Freeh report (page 81) states that University counsel (Cynthia Baldwin) said that the University could not legally revoke Sandusky's access to the athletic facilities because of his Emeritus status, and because he had not been convicted of a crime. Page 106 reiterates this. Page 107 adds that Baldwin said "his access could not be eliminated without the University being sued."

    Fact 13
    In the Jerry Sandusky trial, no victims testified against Jerry Sandusky that they were abused on Penn State’s campus in 2001. Also zero victims testified in the trial that they were abused on PSU campus after 2001. MM also testified in the 12/16/11 prelim that after 2001 he never once saw JS around the program with a kid again.

    Fact 14
    Joe Paterno had no knowledge of 1998 Jerry Sandusky incident being a crime. What was eventually known is that Jerry Sandusky was exonerated. The 1998 incident was reported to police and thoroughly investigated by all agencies. The police went as far to set up a sting operation by recording conversations Sandusky had with the boy’s mother. The incident was investigated to the fullest extent and the District Attorney concluded no crimes were committed. DPW didn't even think there was enough cause to "indicate" Jerry Sandusky (a much lower standard is needed for this vs. bringing criminal charges btw) nor did they remove his 1 on 1 access to kids after the 1998 claims.In accordance with 055 Pa. Code § 3490.91. regarding the confidentiality of child abuse reports, the information regarding the nature of the 1998 child abuse investigation of Jerry Sandusky was not provided to Timothy Curley, Dr. Graham Spanier, or Joe Paterno. The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, Department of Public Welfare, County Youth Services, and the 2nd Mile which is a state licensed children's charity didn't limit Jerry Sandusky access to children after this incident.

    Fact 15
    There are no facts that point to Paterno knowing anything in 1970’s. Joe Paterno had been questioned in his Grand jury testimony if he had any prior to 2001 knowledge of Jerry Sandusky inappropriate sexual conduct.
    Q: Other than the incident that Mike McQueary reported to you, do you know in any way, through rumor, direct knowledge or any other fashion, of any other inappropriate sexual conduct by Jerry Sandusky with young boys?
    Mr. Paterno: I do not know of anything else that Jerry would be involved in of that nature, no. I do not know of it.

    Even the 1976 accuser’s own lawyer Michael Boni said “The headlines of these stories is Paterno knew of Sandusky’s molestation in the ’70s, ’76 or ’77. I’m unaware of direct, irrefutable evidence that that’s the case. Believe me, I’m the last person to defend the guy, but I am the first person to believe in our justice system. And I think you need more than anecdotal evidence or speculative evidence.”

    There are 2 claims of abuse in the 1970’s but neither falls into the way Jerry Sandusky was to have victimized the boys
    Sandusky victimizing acts according to testimony from his reported victims:
    1. Never victimized a female.
    2. Never victimized a minor male in the presence of a minor female.
    3. Never overtly victimized a minor male in the presence of other minor males.
    4. Never overtly victimized a minor male in the (known) presence of other adults.
    5. Never victimized a stranger.
    6. Never used violence to force himself on a minor male.
    7. Never provided victims with drugs or alcohol in the commission of his crimes.
    Yet the 70’s claims and previously publicized claims include one or more of these as allegations by claimants who received settlements from Penn State. According to Sandusky's criminal profile, he was an acquaintance offender who slowly groomed his victims to comply with various levels of sexual abuse. Not all victims would comply to the same levels, therefore there is varying testimony about the actual crimes. However, what was consistent among Sandusky's victims was the manner in which he operated or his modus operandi. He met his victims through The Second Mile, took about one year to assess them and choose his targets, then began the grooming and apparently victimizing of them.

    Fact 16
    PSU Board of Trustees did not check the veracity of civil claims of abuse. They paid claims in the amount of $92 million. Each settlement that PSU paid contained a clause that prevented the claimant to pursue additional monetary compensation from The Second Mile and/or former board members of The Second Mile.

    Fact 17
    Joe and Sue Paterno allowed their own kids to play with Jerry Sandusky. "Do you think we'd let our kids play with someone who might be a pedophile?" she asked. "Obviously we were all totally unaware."

    Fact 18
    Joe Paterno handled the McQueary info how PA sexual abuse detective says it should be handled. year PA sexual abuse detective on what was required and expected of Joe Paterno and the protocol he used. He says Joe Paterno should not have done more.

    Fact 19
    Joe Paterno did not say he should have done more. What he did say was qualified: “With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more” Hindsight: wisdom or knowledge gained only after something (usually bad) has happened as was the case in 2011 after Joe Paterno found out the seriousness of the charges against Jerry Sandusky.

    Fact 20
    Joe Paterno never committed a major recruiting violation. For someone who people claim he covered up for Jerry Sandusky in order to win football games one would think that sort of person would then treat rules like recruiting rules with little care. Yet as of 2016, there are only four athletic programs from major conferences on the list of non-cheating schools. They are Penn State, Boston College, Northwestern, and Stanford.

    Fact 21
    Joe Paterno's FBI file included zero mentions of Jerry Sandusky or any mention of Joe Paterno being aware of Jerry Sandusky being a child sexual predator. The file’s accessible 868 pages don’t mention Jerry Sandusky or the former Penn State assistant coach’s child sexual abuse scandal.

    Fact 22
    Louis Freeh was unwilling to testify to the conclusions of the Freeh Report in court. Freeh asked Judge Gary S. Glazer on May 27 to quash a subpoena from Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association Insurance Co. seeking his deposition testimony on the investigation, saying that Penn State hasn’t waived the attorney-client privilege protecting communications between the university and the investigators, with the exception of what was disclosed in the public report. Furthermore, Freeh’s testimony would be limited to the contents of the report, thus constituting inadmissible hearsay, according to the motion.

    Fact 23
    Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky were not friends off the field. Despite the media all using the same 1 image of Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky standing together, a biography of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno lays out details about his relationship with Jerry Sandusky, including the fact that the two hardly got along - if ever.
    In his biography, Paterno, former Sports Illustrated columnist Joe Posnanski writes that the once-iconic coach became irritated with his defensive coordinator when he realized that Sandusky's first priority did not appear to be Penn State football. Paterno, was apparently bothered that Sandusky was focused more on his charity, the Second Mile, than team meetings and recruiting new players.

    Jim Clemente is a retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent/Profiler and former Prosecutor for the New York City Law Department During his 22-year career with the FBI, He is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of Child Sexual Victimization, Sexual Homicide, and Child Abduction. Today he teaches and gives presentations around the world. He also consults on Criminal and Civil cases. This Sandusky case is a textbook example of how people in the general public misinterpret the behavior of child sex offenders. And, Jerry Sandusky is a textbook example of a preferential child sex offender and a “nice-guy” acquaintance offender. He effectively groomed most of the people who came in contact with him, including child care experts, psychologists, professionals, celebrities, athletes, coaches, friends and family. The sad truth is people do not recognize the “grooming” behavior of “nice-guy” acquaintance offenders, especially when they know or are close to that person. Unfortunately for the ordinary layman, these type of grooming techniques, as employed by Sandusky, create a huge obstacle to identifying actual offenders. In order to identify and stop child molesters, we must understand how grooming works and the complicated, counter-intuitive dynamics of child sexual victimization.

    Fact 24
    Media fell for false narrative in Atlanta Olympic bomber case when Louis Freeh pinned the crime falsely on Richard Jewell. In its rush to show the world how quickly it could get is man, the FBI trampled on my rights as a citizen. In its rush for the headline that the hero was the bomber, the media cared nothing for my feelings as a human being. In their mad rush to fulfill their own personal agendas, the FBI and the media almost destroyed me and my mother. You, the media, were looking too. Your cameras trained on my mother and me, your cameras and the FBI followed my every move. I felt like a hunted animal, followed constantly, waiting to be killed. The media said I fit the profile of a lone bomber. That was a lie. The media said I was a former law enforcement officer, a frustrated police wannabe. That was a lie. I was then and am now a law enforcement officer. The fact that I was between jobs and took a position as a security guard at the Olympics did not change that fact. The media said I was an overzealous officer. That was a lie. Three days into the process, the press went into a kind of media frenzy, and at that particular point, the press was not doing Mr. Jewell, the facts, the case, anybody any great service.

    Fact 25
    Media fell for false narrative in Duke Lacrosse case that the Duke Lacrosse was covering up for rape. “The media quickly latched onto a narrative too seductive to check: rich, wild, white jocks had brutalized a working class, black mother of two,” reads the American Journalism Review’s analysis.

    Fact 26
    Media fell for false narrative in Virginia Fraternity rape case. Media Bias: Nearly 40 years ago, Bob Dylan, singing about what he felt was a miscarriage of justice, said, "The newspapers, they all went along for the ride." Today the ride goes on, with broadcasters having jumped aboard. This time, the ride was on the back of a University of Virginia fraternity, smeared by a Rolling Stone article accusing members of the group of the gang rape of a female freshman named "Jackie." "The major broadcast networks," reports the Media Research Center, a media watchdog group, "rushed to the story and devoted multiple segments to both the article and reaction on the school's campus." On Nov. 23 and 24, the Big Three networks devoted "11 minutes and 14 seconds" of coverage to the gang rape story. They, of course, were happy to, because it supported the narrative that a brutal "rape culture" exists on American campuses. The narrative has been discredited, but the media played a prominent role in its development and will not easily let it go.

    “Doesn't matter what the press says. Doesn't matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn't matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. This nation was founded on one principle above all else: The requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world -- "No, YOU move.”
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    It should of been melted down by now
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    Here is testimony from your 14 year old.. ex marine..... , ....the boy in the shower

    yep, Joe Knew

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    its like beating the deadest horse on the ain't gonna win Brucey so stop trying....
    Everybody knows what happened.
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    Was Joe Paterno involved in a cover-up to conceal Sandusky crime
    NO , is the correct answer

    Great read by the way

    By Mark Pendergrast
    Trial by Therapy:
    The Jerry Sandusky Case Revisited

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    Worst human to coach a football team ever.

    Sorry Briles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clowncar View Post

    Worst human to coach a football team ever.

    Sorry Briles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brucefan View Post
    Here is testimony from your 14 year old.. ex marine..... , ....the boy in the shower

    yep, Joe Knew

    you need some help. your infatuation for a football coach has your mind all fucked up. not surprising you are an spingsteen fan. you, sandusky, paterno and springsteen all a bunch of liberal faggots
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    Quote Originally Posted by PoundFoolish View Post
    you need some help. your infatuation for a football coach has your mind all fucked up. not surprising you are an spingsteen fan. you, sandusky, paterno and springsteen all a bunch of liberal faggots
    Another genius chimes in with zero knowledge
    you do realize the Joe was a hardcore conservative republican and part of the reason that the liberal elites on the BOT hated him and were looking for a reason to get rid of him , right?

    Open your mind up to the possibility that what the media has spoon fed you is all a crock of shit
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    New Evidence exposing Mike McQueary and the OAG as liars engaged in a witch hunt, further demonstrating that the entire Penn State Scandal is based on a myth

    New Proof That December 29, 2000, Not February 9th, 2001, Was the Real Date of the "McQueary Episode"

    Submitted by jzadmin on Fri, 02/09/2018 - 10:31

    On February 9th, 2018 I tweeted out the following tidbits to provide (almost) the full documentation for why I, Gary Schultz, Graham Spanier, and Jerry Sandusky are now convinced that the real date of the "Mike McQueary Episode" is December 29, 2000 and NOT February 9th, 2001. Assuming we are correct in this new assessment, it proves that McQueary's entire narrative is a fraud, thus causing the entire case to completely crumble.
    I am putting them all in one post here for easier reading...

    The 1st thing you need to know is that the ENTIRE case is based on the infamous "Mike Mcqueary Episode" where the then PSU grad assistant supposedly saw Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulting a boy in a PSU shower. If that didn't happen as we were told, the entire case totally falls apart.
    Most people don't realize that in 2011 Mcqueary first testified that this happened on Friday March 1st, 2002. However, emails later proved that Mcqueary met with Joe Paterno on February 10, 2001, obviously making the 2002 date impossible. Incredibly, Paterno died incorrectly thinking the episode which destroyed his life's work happened in 2002, when it almost certainly really happened in 2000.
    In a normal case, the revelation that the only witness got the date/month/year TOTALLY wrong would have been a massive bombshell. But since the media was already deeply invested in the original narrative, the prosecution was simply able to change the date of the episode to Friday February 9, 2001 without fanfare. To this day, there are STILL media outlets which use the 2002 date. However, I am about to prove that that even the February 9th date is wrong & that the real date was December 29, 2000.
    The entire basis for February 9th, 2001 is the meeting Mcqueary had with Paterno on the 10th. And if Mcqueary is telling the truth that makes sense. However, the evidence is now overwhelming that his entire narrative is false.
    First, there are numerous things about February 9th 2001 which Mcqueary never mentioned in relation to this event which he absolutely should have, if that was really the right date.
    1) February 7, 2001 was national signing day for college football recruits. For a graduate assistant like Mcqueary that is the biggest day of the year & he would have been very busy for days afterwards. He also would have connected the 2 events
    2) There was a large Barenaked Ladies concert effectively across the street from where the incident took place & yet Mcqueary originally thought that the campus was so quiet he thought school was on "break."

    3) There was also a hockey game in effectively the same building, which started at 9:15 pm. That's almost exactly when Mcqueary would have been getting to the facility & would have made it impossible for him to park nearby & somehow remember that the campus was on "break."

    Now the prosecution, realizing they had a problem with the date change, did desperately try to connect McQueary's testimony to something on February 9th. They did so based on his original testimony saying that he was watching a "football movie" that night before going to the locker room
    Once the date was changed the OAG decided that McQueary must have been watching "Rudy" because it was the only "football movie" playing on TV in State College that night (cited below as being on TBS Ch 24 on the school paper's schedule from that day)

    But "Rudy" (which Mcqueary never mentioned on his own) has several problems. First, it's hardly a "football" movie & 2nd it ends way too late (10:30 pm) for McQueary to have gotten inspired by it, as he claimed, in the 9pm time frame.
    Here's what REALLY happened: McQueary thought he was watching "football," but that was impossible on March 1st, so the OAG convinced him it must have been a "football movie." In reality, he was watching the Peach Bowl (ironically, future PSU head coach Bill O'Brien was an assistant in the game) on December 29th, 2000. As the link below shows, the game ended at 8:39 pm, which means that if McQueary left just after the game he would have gotten to the Lasch locker room at exactly the right time that night.

    So other than the meeting on February 10th with Paterno, literally nothing about February 9th makes any sense at all. However, the date December 29th, 2000 actually fits all the evidence rather perfectly.
    On December 29th, 2000 PSU is indeed on "break" & campus is completely quiet. PSU didn't go to a bowl that year so their season has already been over for more than a month, which was highly unusual. Mcqueary had plenty of time on his hands (to watch the Peach Bowl).
    Sandusky has always been sure that the 2002 date was impossible & was very sure February 9th, 2001 was wrong as well. One of the reasons why is that he knew the 13 year old boy he was with that night, Allan Myers, was off of school on the day of the episode.
    Myers had school on February 9th 2001. Importantly, here are his two letters to the editor (when he was a married Marine Sgt) strongly supporting Sandusky after news leaked locally about the investigation in 2011...

    On December 29th, 2000 (which was also a Friday, just like February 9, 2001) Myers did not have school. Also on that date he had good reason to be with Sandusky at night. That day they had been in Washington, PA where Sandusky was signing copies of his brand-new book
    On December 30th Sandusky was doing another book signing in State College, meaning he was driving (with Myers) back home on the evening of the 29th. There is good reason why this timing was memorable for reasons having nothing to do with McQueary
    We know the December 30th date because was the day the University of Virginia announced Sandusky, who had been the favorite for the job would NOT be their new head coach because Virginia Alum Al Groh was leaving the New York Jets to suddenly take the job. Here's a profile of Sandusky describing that book signing on that fateful day

    Here's my interview with a man that Sandusky said he called on the way to State College on the evening of December 29th. He had absolutely no idea why I was calling him or why his story is significant, but he totally corroborated this story.
    But it's not just Sandusky's recollection that the real date of the McQueary episode was December 29th, 2000 (he's finally sure it was) the best evidence actually comes from McQueary's own corroborating witness & family friend, Dr. Jon Dranov
    Dranov, whom McQueary testified he spoke to the night of the incident, testified that after an unrelated business meeting he asked PSU administrator Gary Schultz for an update on McQueary's report "maybe 3 months or so" after Mike told him what he witnessed.

    Interestingly, in a different trial, McQueary's own lawyer while questioning Dranov referred to the time frame between Mike speaking to Dranov about what he witnessed & Dranov speaking to Schultz as "1 or 2 months."

    But this time frame causes a HUGE problem for Mcqueary's entire story which (amazingly) no one has caught, until now. Schultz is SURE that the LATEST his meeting with Dranov could have been was February 25, 2001, just 2 WEEKS after February 9th, because he is gone from State College, or out of pocket, from that date until well after Dranov asking for an "update" makes NO sense because the investigation was already over..
    So if Dranov is even close to the right time frame, then February 9th is totally impossible as the date of the McQueary episode. But guess which date works perfectly... December 29th, 2000.
    But this means that Mcqueary not only got the date very wrong (under oath) twice, but that he is dramatically lying about how/why he came to Joe Paterno on February 10th. Under this scenario he waited almost 6 weeks after seeing this supposedly horrible thing to tell his head coach
    How does this make sense? Well, there are a few theories. One of which involves the amazing "coincidence" of what we do know was happening on February 9th 2001...
    On February 9th, 2001 the day before McQueary went to see Paterno, the media (here at the bottom of the front page of the PSU paper) was reporting that the Penn State wide receivers coaching position had just opened up

    This was a job that the part-time and very ambitious McQueary desperately wanted. It sure seems like AMAZING timing that McQueary decides to go see Paterno the day after his dream job had just opened up.
    What it really was was a strong motive to finally tell Paterno about this minor episode he had barely witnessed involving a retired coach Paterno never really liked: Face-time with the boss while being a good Boy Scout
    It is incredibly important to point out that McQueary did NOT get that wide receivers coaching job until it opened up again 3 years later. This alone completely blows apart the Penn State cover up theory as no one involved in a cover-up snubs the only witness in a cover up & never even tells him to keep quiet.
    One last thing on McQueary's meeting with Paterno. Joe's widow Sue was there to witness the whole thing & she recently wrote an email to someone directly involved in the case which tells a VERY different story of that "meeting."
    The email, which I have & hopefully will be public soon says, "Mike was only here for 3 minutes so there's no way he could have said all the stuff he's saying now." So Sue is now calling McQueary a total liar, which is HUGE because...
    It has effectively been the Paterno family policy (thanks to Scott Paterno getting duped by the whole media narrative) to never publicly criticize McQueary. Sue sent this email in defiance of Scott & as a sign she is finally sick of all Mike's BS (which made him millions of dollars).
    Sue's hardly the only key person who says McQueary lied about the whole episode. So did Allan Myers, the 13 year old boy who was in the shower that night. He said this, as a married former Marine, to an investigator just after Sandusky's arrest

    So February 9th, 2001 is NOT the right date of the McQueary episode. It was December 29th, 2000. Sandusky, Schultz and Graham Spanier all finally agree about this, but, until this post, none of this has been made fully public. The fact that no one in the mainstream news media is even aware of this issue is probably the greatest proof that this entire case has been a result of what is easily the worst case of "Media Malpractice" in modern history.
    Here's a podcast I did summarizing all the evidence & what it all really means.
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